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February 27, 2021
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Letter from 16th District VP Jim Johnson
Updated On: Dec 18, 2013

Leaders and District Members,

As you may have heard federal employees are once again being used to resolve budget issues.  The Budget Committee Conferees are discussing a budget resolution and as part of that resolution there are discussions occurring about raising pension contributions for federal employees.  In essence this contribution increase would be a pay cut for the current pay employees receive.

As you will see in this letter to the conferees leadership from Representative Wolf of Virginia, federal employees have already sacrificed 113 billion towards reducing the budget deficit.  Despite this federal employees continue to be the source legislators go to for budget deficit resolutions.

Our members need to get a simple message to their House and Senate representatives.  “Stop attacking the federal workforce.”  The federal workforce has already sacrificed more than other groups and it is unfair to continue to target  dedicated public servants.

Key contacts regarding the issue are Chairman Ryan, Chairwoman Murray, Ranking Member Van Hollen, and Ranking Member Sessions.  If these members are in your State or Congressional District their office should be contacted as soon as possible.

Other Locals should contact their Senate and House members and ask that they contact the Budget conferees and ask them to support the federal workforce and stop the attack.  Members can get contact info at

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